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 Guild Rules and Raiding Basics

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Guild Rules and Raiding Basics Empty
PostSubject: Guild Rules and Raiding Basics   Guild Rules and Raiding Basics Icon_minitimeSat Feb 07, 2009 11:38 am

The guild is like a family, be kind and help each other. We do not allow hurtful and derogatory words pertaining to race, sexual orientation and so forth. We are a GLBT friendly guild and feel that no one should be discriminated against. Be kind or be banned.

Raiding and Loot Drops

In runs (raids/instances) you must roll accordingly. Anyone who needs will have first dibs on an item roll. Only need on item upgrades. Roll need for main spec if an upgrade only. Verify with lead if you would like to roll need for an off-spec upgrade. You can only roll need for other given situations such as rolling need for vanity if approved by the ENTIRE group before anyone rolls on the item. If something may drop that you want for any various reason...approve it ahead of time to save hassle during the run. We have now also incorporated the DKP system into our larger raids. Please see the DKP section under raids for more information on DKP.

Deadly Boss Mods (DBM)
Omen Threat Meter

You need to at least participate in vent by listening. Sometimes raid leads or tanks may need to give crucial information and warnings during a fight. This is the best way to do it. So install it and get it set up!

If you sign up for a run, show up. Plain and simple. If you sign up and don't show you face the chance of being banned from all runs for the next week. It is just something to be fair to the people who actually sign up and show up.

Watch your aggro. NO ONE ahead of the main tank EVER unless you have been specifically told by the raid leader or tank to do otherwise.

Come to the raid in your proper gear and spec. Show up repaired and ready to battle. Have your flasks, reagents and anything else you might need on you when you come to the raid. Shards, water, pots, buff food...bring what you need!

We do not appreciate spam macro's in the raid...keep it simple please so we can have our focus where it should be...ON THE FIGHT. Some macros may be appropiate to use. Please consult your raid leader for more information.

Other suggested (but not required) addons are:
Rating Buster - shows you what an item takes away or adds to you stats.
Decurseive - one click poison, curse, and disease removal
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Guild Rules and Raiding Basics
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