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 Promotion Ladder

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The Elite Queen

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PostSubject: Promotion Ladder   Fri Mar 06, 2009 12:05 am

How to get promoted

confused Newbs - Need to stay 2 weeks, and get to know people.

Fruit Loops - lvls 1-40 here, help out when u can and lvl up.

Cereal Killers - Lvls 40-80 here, help ur guildies and try to get to 80 ^_^

Ninja Warrior - Once ur lvl 80 and want to raid with us, let us know. All our raiders get to be ninja warriors!

Mini Me - This is where all our officers alts go

Officer - This is like being a Junior Officer, you will get recognized for ur helpfulness, leadership abilities, and commitment to the guild.

Mastermind - These are our Senior officers. They have more responsibilities than the Juniors, but with more responsibilites come more benefits!

Sex Slave - Kaahumana's position, she is my second-in-command. When i'm gone she's in charge.
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Promotion Ladder
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