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 Changes in accrodance to 3/22/09 officer meeting (UPDATED)

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Changes in accrodance to 3/22/09 officer meeting (UPDATED) Empty
PostSubject: Changes in accrodance to 3/22/09 officer meeting (UPDATED)   Changes in accrodance to 3/22/09 officer meeting (UPDATED) Icon_minitimeMon Mar 23, 2009 10:43 pm

Guild ranking system has been changed so that things are a little more clearly defined. Gaypride has already put up a post all about ranks found here: http://prideofstormwind.forumotion.com/guild-info-rules-regulations-f1/promotion-ladder-t70.htm?sid=9d3587eb5f1b16bc3bc6373e6ff09ea2

Raid info and time will be scheduled by Kaahumana and will be the same each week. If you would like to see any raid in particular on the calendar, send her an in game mail or PST and she will schedule it. People who have adequate gear will be invited to raids.. to check out where you stand in terms of gear PLEASE go to be.imba.hu or www.wow-heroes.com

Regular and heroic dungeons are encouraged to be done regularily but due to conflicting schedules etc.. people are responsible for scheduling their runs and if members fail to show up for dungeons they have signed up you can talk to Kaahumana about scheduling runs with her.

Officers are now split into junior and senior officers.. senior officers having specific duties.
- Kaahumana is now the second in charge to Gaypride and our raid leader. Any issues that need resolving that require more than an officers attention can be brought up to Kaa as well as Pride.
- Cinnamonstix is the web mistress. All things website related you can PSt or send her an in game mail about as she does majority of registration confirmations and all of the website configuration
- Hoi is THE ENFORCER... you cause problems... he enforces rules. Beware. Also he will be taking over for the DKP system for raiding
- Naulë is a welcomer of sorts. All new people can be referred to her with any guild related questions or issues and/or dealings with guild relations outside of Pride of Stormwind.

If you have ANY questions or comments feel free to send me and in game mail and I will get back to you ASAP
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Changes in accrodance to 3/22/09 officer meeting (UPDATED)
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